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The Beginning

My journey begins as a blogger. This is something I have wanted to do for years and finally worked up the nerve to try.  I know most beginning bloggers’ first hurdle is finding topics to write about and building confidence in their writing. Well since I could not fully decide, I am going to write about everything. I’m going to write about every thought I have, book I read, political subjects, poetry (my own and ones I have read),  or interesting situation I come across. All things will be consider and therefore will be a medley of my personality and mentality. I not going to make any promises about me sticking to free form, I’m just going to write and if I do move toward one particular subject I will just let it happen. For those who chose to stick with me on my journey I greatly appreciate it. Comments are welcome and preferred. This blog is meant to be anonymous but I will give a little information about me in my profile. If there are any other first time bloggers who haven’t started yet reading this, just do it. You will not know what you are capable of until you put things in motion.  Follow through with your ideas, you will feel much better that you did.

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