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Waiting? Room

Have you ever awoken within a dream and believed that it was reality? Then after waking from said dream woken to reality thinking that you were in a dream?…I have. I experienced this phenomenon Dec. 12, 2011 and saw fit to document and share this experience. I tried to get to a my computer with the speed of mercury before I forgot most of my dream. Sadly I could not and have subsequently forgotten a great amount of detail that would have made this post quite exceptional (tricky little dreams). Never fear, I will tell you what I do remember.

On this faithful day, I accompanied my girlfriend to the hospital for her scheduled surgery. We sat in the waiting room until around 10:00am, sleep was literally still in my eyes when they called her name (hey don’t judge me I’m in winter break). Upon her leaving, I dozed off and apparently fell into a deep REM sleep.  In my dream, I was in class listening to a lecture. It seemed so real, and my girlfriend was there sitting in the same general space she’d occupied in reality; which made my confusion so much worse. The subject matter covered was something familiar to me and I could have sworn that all of my senses were active. Next thing I know I’m dozing off because the lecture was boring. As I “fell asleep” in reality I was waking up. I was in a deep haze and saw everything as a wobbly blur. Patients, receptionists, and Doctors smeared past my slit eyes like rain drops on a car windshield or a doppelgänger trail. Even the real life sounds slurred on like a long adult speaking scene in the Peanuts (yes I’m referring to the Charlie Brown cartoon). As I fell back asleep and awoken in my dream, I found that I was back in the class room, same chair same lecture. The look, feel, and clarity of my dream was so uncanny that in comparison to the latter how could I not believe this classroom was authentic. I slipped back and forth between the dream world and reality once more. When I “fell asleep” in my dream again, the same groggy incoherent sensations occurred as I sat in the real life waiting room and when I actually fell asleep again, I thought I’d woken up for good. In this dream I was in the waiting room and everything was clear , I could understand people and they looked normal. I even witnessed a full exchange between a Doctor and patient about future scheduling. The layout of the waiting room in my dream was flawless and this is when I realized that the classroom was a dream. Just thinking about the fact that I was in a dream realizing that I was in a dream but still unaware of the dream that I was currently in blows my mind. What snapped my out of this madness was the receptionist calling my name. In my waiting room dream I had to react to my name being called, but when I went to speak to the receptionist (I’m still dreaming mind you) he tells me that he didn’t call my name. Following this, I actually woke up to my name being called. Here is the kicker, when I get up to the receptionist I find out that he wasn’t calling me he was actually calling someone with the same first name. Needless to say…I was very confused. Who’s knows, I could still be in that waiting room as I type this. That would be awkward…

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